Leveraging the know-hows and experiences of GRA group gained by performing from farming to selling of strawberry, we provide full support to new producers and companies intending to go into agriculture sector.


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GRA Group will create employment opportunities for 10,000 people, for 100 companies and for 10 years.


We bring sustainable prosperity to local community by increasing the number of people engaged in agriculture.
We offer attractive farming lifestyle to those who wish to start one.

Interested in starting an agriculture business with the support of GRA ?

We offer complete and thorough support to individuals and companies who are interested in starting strawberry farming. From business planning, cultivation facility designing, cultivation training to purchasing the crops. You can start strawberry farming with a minimum of one year training.
Even after you complete your training and start your agricultural business, as a member of MIGAKI-ICHIGO Farmerfs Network, you will be provided with supports on faming management and with opportunities such as interacting with other members.

Why farming, now?

The average of the farmersf age is now coming close to 66 years-old, while the food we eat every day is being provided through these farmers. Two decades later, what would the food situation in Japan look like? By then, running short of local producers, soft fruits like strawberries might be all gone from our market, since they are difficult to import. From global perspective, food situation is getting more and more severe every year due to rapid increase in population and environmental issues. Expansion of stable food production technologies is now becoming a global concern. That is why, farming is now one of the hottest business.

On the other hand, number of people involved in agriculture sector is not increasing. There are various reasons why farmers are not increasing, but there are three major challenges in common to many people who hesitate to start farming: Skill (takes about a decade to master the farming skill), money (huge amount of initial investment) and lack of understanding in farming system (not clear how to start it, first of all).

Why "Strawberry" ?

The most important thing when starting as a farmer, is which crop you choose. Strawberry is a major greenhouse product with a market of enormous scale. Just the domestic wholesale market alone is valued to be exceeding 150 billion yen. Moreover, its supply and demand is extremely stable. It also has been ranked as the most popular fruit in Japan for more than two decades. Four out of three Japanese answered it is the favorite fruit. (Information source: NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute gWhat Japanese Likeh (2008)). Strawberries made in Japan are not just popular among the domestic markets but also in markets abroad. They enjoy high reputation outside Japan, and are extremely popular in Asian market as well. For example, in supermarkets in Hong Kong and Singapore, they are sold couple thousand yen a pack. Above all, strawberries have a power to make people happy and energetic.


We brought MIGAKI-ICHIGO to the market in the end of 2012. Selected, high-quality breeds of strawberries are sold under this brand name. Its concept is "Edible Gem". The best ones were priced as a thousand yen per each in a department store in Tokyo. We have also won the Good Design Award in 2013. We won high reputations in not only the field of design but also in the fields of business models and marketing.
Major breeds: Tochiotome, Mouikko

You can count on us

 Supporting you making the choice

Even if you wanted to, farming is something you would not know where to start from. The systems and laws on agriculture are very complicated, and therefore they are big barriers to start farming. GRA not only provide overviews of the strawberry business, cost structure and market information, but also offer supports on developing business plans. If you wish, we also offer services on conducting procedures to establish an agricultural corporation. For individuals intending to start farming, we offer help on securing farmlands and to become a certified farmer, as well as introducing various agricultural supporting systems for individuals. This allows quick business startup without any without any preliminary knowledge on agricultural business.

 Acquiring the cutting-edge cultivation technology in short term and offers of continuous support

At a farm with world's cutting-edge technologies owned by our company (GRA Inc.) you can receive trainings combined with classroom lectures and hands-on trainings. You can learn the production know-hows of MIGAKI-ICHIGO on-site, where the farming of this high-quality/high value-added brand of strawberries are actually conducted. After you start your farming business, you can continuously receive supports on cultivation. We also share you the latest information on GRAfs state-of-the-art farm management technologies and successful examples of other farmers at the earliest timing.

 No need to worry about the sales channel

We have a system to purchase the strawberries you produced. The price of the product is defined by our established GRA quality standard. It is possible to leverage the sales channel of high-value added MIGAKI-ICHIGO. This allows you to focus on cultivation without any concerns on the sales channel.

We will support you

Our team of experts is ready to give full support for the new farmers: Experts on cultivation who has the know-how of producing MIGAKI-ICHIGO, trainers who support you maintain the optimal environment control with ICT technology, experts on business who would lead you to bring success to your business.

5 steps of GRA's service when you start strawberry farming

 Q & A

Q. How much would the initial investment cost to start a business? Is it possible to receive financial assistance?

A.  Initial investment varies largely depending on the production scale and the status of the land forming. With 1,000 square meters of land, there are choices of greenhouses varying from low cost ones to those of high specification, and their prices range from million yen to 50 million yen. It is a cardinal rule for the new entrant to keep the initial investment as low as possible. If you are to build a greenhouse with the specification certified by GRA , you can receive the support from the lease company. Therefore, you can scale back the total sum of the initial investment.
* To receive the support, you will have to go through the examination of the lease company separately.

Q. Should I establish a new legal entity when starting my farming business?

A. A general corporation can enter the agricultural business. However, by incorporating an agricultural corporation and becoming a certified farmer, you can enjoy benefits including favorable financing.

Q. Can you get supports even if I conduct strawberry farming outside the neighboring area (Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi prefecture)?

A.  You can receive supports even if you are in a remote area, yet if you can start farming in Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi prefecture, we can offer more detailed support such as introduction of farmlands.

Q. How long would the cultivation training take? Do you need to move to Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi prefecture and stay while I take the training?

A. Yes. At minimum, the training takes a year. Companies intending to enter this business must assign a dedicated person in charge to receive the training.


E-mail us to the address below about any inquiries with your name and your contact information.


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Get out of from Joban Expressway at "Yamamto Exit", get on Route 6 and head for Souma, turn left at the intersection of "Yamashita shogakko-mae".

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